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When it comes to the most luxurious and upscale resorts in Guangzhou, The Amanyangyun stands out. It is the first all-suite hotel in China, with 90 deluxe suites and 38 villa-style residences. It is also one of the few member hotels of Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) in China. The resort has hosted several international Guangzhou Escort Service dignitaries, including former US President Clinton, former Australian Prime Minister Howard, and former French Prime Minister Raffarin. Clinton has referred to it as the “Annenberg Estate of Guangzhou” (Annenberg Estate and Mar-a-Lago were the meeting places for President Xi Jinping with Presidents Obama and Trump, respectively).

With an investment of over 8 billion RMB, The Amanyangyun is located at the foot of Phoenix Mountain in a hot spring valley. The resort covers an area of approximately 2.8 million square meters, three times the size of the Forbidden City. Designed by a top global architectural team and known as the “dream factory,” WATG, the resort’s buildings are inspired by Tang Dynasty garden architecture, grand in scale, and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The resort boasts over 100,000 plants and flowers, including valuable black pine and larch trees. Writer Yu Qiuyu has praised The Amanyangyun as the highest standard contemporary landscape marvel in China, describing it as “Where does the dust of a thousand miles settle? Beneath Phoenix Mountain, where immortals can dwell.” Even Fang Hongbo, the Chairman of Midea Group, exclaimed that it is a “Peach Blossom Land” secluded from the world.

The facilities at The Amanyangyun are top-notch, including the resort hotel, a radon hot spring spa, a fitness center, an international golf and social platform, a helipad, hiking trails, and even a museum. Guests can travel around the resort using the hotel’s electric cars, although there have been occasional shortages during peak times. The hot spring center features five small pools and one large pool, offering a private and intimate experience. The fitness center is equipped with 21 top-of-the-line exercise machines and a separate aerobic exercise room. Outside, there is a luxurious panoramic swimming pool covering 1,800 square meters and two standard tennis courts covering a total of 2,000 square meters. The resort also offers six themed restaurants for private dining, some of which are overseen by Michelin-starred chefs. However, some guests have mentioned that the food is average and the breakfast variety is limited, but fortunately, there are several good farmhouses nearby.

The Qiaoxin Museum is the largest private museum in China, housing over 50,000 collections. However, only a portion of the collections are exhibited, with the majority being exquisite artifacts from the Han and Tang dynasties. Prior reservation is required for visiting. Worth mentioning is the resort’s golf course, designed by European top golfer Montgomerie, which is one of the few and pure 27-hole Montgomerie golf courses in China. The landscape beautification was undertaken by Pinnacle, the same company that designed Dubai’s golf course. In addition, the golf course is equipped with world-class fully automatic golf carts and a private golf club, but it is only open to VIP clients, making it an excellent venue for high-end golf enthusiasts in Guangzhou.

In ancient times, the highest tower in a city was the emperor’s palace. Similarly, the Phoenix Mansion, located halfway up the mountain in The Amanyangyun, serves as the presidential villa, offering the best views and utmost privacy. The Phoenix Mansion is currently the largest presidential villa in China, with 28 suites, equivalent to a boutique hotel. Clinton has stayed here before. Other villas follow a nine-grid layout, with courtyards divided into front yards, courtyards, and rear gardens. Each villa is equipped with underfloor heating, sound systems, capsule coffee machines, walk-in closets, wet and dry steam rooms, outdoor pools, independent pavilions, hot spring baths, and 24-hour personal butler service. To ensure privacy, the architects have dispersed the buildings and concealed them with garden landscapes, allowing the villas on higher ground to only overlook the roofs of the villas below. It is nearly impossible for outsiders to observe the Guangzhou escort activities of villa residents unless they are outside the villas.

The room facilities are of the highest standard, with amenities from the luxury five-star hotel brand L’Occitane and international brands covering bathroom and electrical products. The hotel suites are designed with one elevator serving two units, ensuring a high level of privacy. However, the suites do not include the cost of the hot spring spa, which is an additional 300 RMB per person. Compared to other similar resorts, the value for money is relatively low. Considering the identity of the guests, The Amanyangyun has strict security systems in line with the standards of developed countries’ heads of state. It is advisable to call in advance and provide the license plate number to avoid being stopped by security at the entrance and asked to show reservation information.

According to official information, The Amanyangyun has over a thousand private butlers, all of whom have received professional training from the Royal Dutch Institute. The service level of the staff is indeed high, even the attitude of the cleaning staff is excellent. Both in terms of hardware facilities and software services, The Amanyangyun is at the top of the industry and is the preferred choice for high-end resorts in Guangzhou, as long as the economic conditions permit.

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