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Before couple hotels became well-known to the public, Wan’ai had already spent a significant amount of money to create theme rooms with various styles. In 2016, it was named the “Leading Brand of Couple Hotels in China.” In 2014, it won the highest honor of the International Tourism Federation, the “Aegean Award,” for the “Most Unique Hotel in China.”

To date, nearly 30 branches cover important cities such as Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Nanjing, with the Conghua store being the only branch in Guangzhou currently. The thirty-three theme rooms are still created by the headquarters design team, with strong themes that make full use of couple hotel elements such as lighting and curtains, achieving a visually integrated effect. Each room’s heart-shaped candle array and the beautiful petal path are like romantic “custom-made” gifts. Theme rooms such as Sweet Dreams, Love Room, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, mostly in red tones, have curtains by the bed and around the round bathtub that create a hazy space, offering a hint of ambiguity and tease. Meanwhile, rooms like Pink Lady, Kitty House, The Wizard of Oz, and Encounter Room are exquisitely decorated with lively colors, very suitable for young people. The rooms are equipped with a smart music system that plays music upon card insertion, helping to set the mood. Round beds seem more popular, but the material is the same as square beds, very comfortable.

Wan’ai advocates for full transparency, with transparent bathrooms and restrooms, while some Guangzhou Escort rooms have curtains around the massage bathtub for a hint of privacy that adds to the fun. Intelligent lighting modes and iPad control panels for video playback also enhance the consumer experience. Among all the couple hotels in Guangzhou, Wan’ai offers the most comprehensive value-added services. In addition to providing a single fresh rose, there are also F1~F7 rose petal packages, which, depending on the room’s size and layout, arrange fresh rose petals and candles into different shapes, much to the delight of couples. Not just decoration, there are also rose petal bath packages available, with the option of bubble bath products from the well-known domestic brand Trulisen. For those who want to taste some red wine, there are four types of dry red wine and two types of sparkling wine available, catering to both male and female tastes. In addition to enthusiastic service and proper sound insulation, the rooms are also very clean, hence receiving high customer ratings. The cleanliness of the bathtub is especially strict, requiring twenty minutes for disinfection and backflushing, and if requested by the guest, it can be cleaned on the spot. Of course, one can also use a disposable bathtub liner, but this would mean missing out on the massage function of the bathtub. The Conghua store is located in a hub area, with convenient transportation and a free parking lot. It is worth a try for both locals and couple tourists visiting Conghua for hot springs. A new store will be joining in the Guangzhou city area soon, not officially open yet, but worth keeping an eye on.

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