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One of the 5A-level scenic spots in China, a famous tourist area, scenic spot, and leisure Guangzhou escort destination in Guangzhou. It was once called “Shicuizhou” because it is a sandbar formed by the deposition of the Pearl River, hence the name Shameen. After the outbreak of the Second Opium War, the British and French forces established consulates on Shameen, which still retain the 19th-century British and French concession European-style architecture after a century, forming a unique open-air “museum”.

In the eyes of many people in Guangzhou, Shameen may be the most interesting place in Guangzhou, and the main reason to come here is to see the architecture. There are more than 150 European-style buildings on Shameen Island, including 42 outstanding buildings in the styles of Neo-Baroque, Gothic Revival, arcade style, Neoclassical, and a fusion of Chinese and Western styles. It is the most exotic European architectural complex in Guangzhou. The layout of the streets on Shameen Island is three horizontal and five vertical. The three east-west streets are called Shameen North Street, Shameen Main Street, and Shameen South Street. The entire island is divided into 12 areas of different sizes along these roads, and the buildings are constructed along the main and secondary roads. It is worth mentioning that Shameen is full of lush trees, Western-style street lamps, statues, pavilions, flower beds, wooden benches, and fountains. The island’s greenery and atmosphere are excellent, attracting many art lovers and tourists to come for sightseeing. Many couples also choose to take wedding photos here.

Most of the buildings on Shameen were built in the late 19th century and have a Western style. They are cultural relics. Among them, the main attraction, the Soviet Consulate, is located at No. 68 Shameen Main Street. It is a three-story building with a brick and reinforced concrete structure, facing north and south, and belongs to the British Victorian style. The main building of the consulate has a small courtyard and a surrounding wall. Each floor of the front and east-west side facades has a veranda. The second floor of the rear facade has a cantilevered balcony and a concrete bridge leading to the annex building. Except for the eaves, railings, and parapets, the entire exterior of the building is decorated with high-quality red bricks without paint, and the cement and lime are used for pointing, hence the name “West Red Mansion” in Shameen. The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou is also located on Shameen Island, which has attracted many foreigners to work or live here, creating a strong Western lifestyle atmosphere.

Exploring Shameen Island, you can find that the public facilities within the concession are very complete. Not only are there various cultural relics buildings, but there are also hotels, residences, restaurants, cafes, and art bars for escort guangzhou entertainment on the island. For tourists who like to take photos, Shameen is definitely a worth visiting free attraction. However, please note that the prices of restaurants in this area are relatively high, and the taste is not outstanding. It is recommended to dine in the shopping districts around Shameen, where there are more options available.

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