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Each Sex Culture Festival, the on-site trade fair often attracts the participation of many manufacturers. Condom and sex toy booths from various domestic and foreign brands are no longer shy, and are set up one more fashionable and luxurious than the other. However, many citizens who came to visit have questioned that the wholesale price and retail price of some sex toys differ by dozens of times, how big is their profit?

A lady who came to visit said that when she consulted the price of a female sex toy from a sex toy exhibitor, the exhibitor told her that the retail price was 60 yuan.

Subsequently, someone expressed the hope to wholesale, the exhibitor said that the total amount can be wholesaled only if it is more than 3,000 yuan, and the wholesale price is only 4 yuan, the profit is quite amazing. For this reason, the reporter came to consult some exhibitors, but the exhibitors complained: “The price of the entire industry is chaotic now, there is no uniform standard, everyone is undercutting each other, and the profit of some female sex toys is very low.”

In addition, the reporter found that the citizens who came to visit were mainly middle-aged and elderly men, especially elderly men. There were very few young people in Guangzhou, but the number of middle-aged women increased compared to the previous few sessions. In response to this phenomenon, some Guangzhou escorts exhibitors played a “side ball”, selling deer antler, scallop and other tonics under the guise of “sexual medicine”, and some booths even sold ordinary goods such as “Pi Yan Ping” and protein powder.

In addition, many exhibitors displayed beauty detox, Tibetan secret oil discharge, rapid spot removal and other products on their booths to attract middle-aged women. When the reporter went to interview, the exhibitor also argued: “These tonics have the effect of nourishing yin and supplementing yang when taken for a long time, obviously they are sexual medicines.”

On-site anecdotes

“Sex Education Film” Sixty-year-old man buys a whole set

At the trade fair yesterday, a stall selling various “sex education films” located on the side of the “lingerie show” performance stage attracted a large number of citizens to stop. The reporter found that the CD covers of these “teaching materials” published by a certain publishing house in Shantou, Guangdong, were very explicit in terms of name, slogan and cover. When the reporter asked whether these CDs were regular publications, the sales staff at the stall said that these CDs were normal publications, but they could only be sold to adults.

The reporter found that those who came to watch or buy such CDs were mainly middle-aged and elderly men. A set of “teaching materials” containing 10 CDs, priced at 48,000 yuan, was only 299 yuan at this trade fair, and the “attractive” price attracted many people to buy. In just 5 minutes, two men around 60 years old paid for it.

“Space Bed” “Joy Chair” extinct trade fair

The reporter found that “space beds” and “joy chairs”, which were particularly eye-catching in previous years, were extinct in this exhibition, making many “old audiences” disappointed. The reporter learned from the organizing committee that the merchants who sold such products in previous years did not participate again this year, but instead sold other products of their company.

For this reason, exhibitors said that because these products are still in the technical research and development cycle, the old products can no longer attract audiences, so they do not consider continuing to participate. New products are expected to debut at the next Sex Culture Festival.

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