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The Shengxiantang was established in 1997, when the foot massage industry in Guangzhou was just beginning to rise. Despite the industry’s major reshuffling between 2014 and 2015, Shengxiantang has remained strong and is now the leading foot massage establishment in Guangzhou. It is the president unit of the Guangzhou Foot Massage and Health Care Association.

Over 80% of the technicians at Shengxiantang hold national certification as foot massage therapists, which is rare in an industry with low entry barriers. Shengxiantang currently has five direct-operated branches and nearly 100,000 VIP members. Among them, the Jinyaochi branch has the best reputation and consumer reviews, making it the flagship store of Shengxiantang.

Jinyaochi branch offers foot massage using essential oils. If you are allergic to essential oils, be sure to inform the technician before the massage to avoid unnecessary harm. The technicians at Jinyaochi are divided into intermediate and advanced levels, and the pricing varies accordingly. If you are unsatisfied with the technique of the technician during the massage, you can request a change, preferably within the first few minutes of their service. Throughout the Guangzhou escort service, there is no sales pitch or cutting corners. The massage focuses on relaxation and leisure, making it suitable for most people. However, the massage experience may vary from person to person, so it may not be fair to judge an entire foot massage establishment based on one specific technician. Overall, Jinyaochi provides attentive and warm service to all customers, regardless of their spending.

Jinyaochi branch is located near the Tianhe Sports Center Zhengjia Plaza, offering foot massage, massage, chess and card games, beauty treatments, and tea art, providing a comprehensive leisure and relaxation venue for nearby consumers. The only drawback is that the rooms and facilities here may appear somewhat old-fashioned due to long-term lack of maintenance, which may reduce its appeal to new customers.

In Guangzhou’s foot massage industry, the scope is extensive, with many beauty salons, spas, hot springs, and hotels offering foot massage services. However, compared to specialized foot massage establishments like Shengxiantang, they may lack a systematic approach in managing foot massage therapists and providing technical training. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness is lower. Therefore, we recommend visiting specialized foot massage establishments. Of course, these establishments may also offer additional services, with “health care and sub-health conditioning” being the most common. However, the actual benefits to the body are highly debated in the medical community, so we suggest making choices based on personal needs.

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