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Tai Feng Health Club is the flagship store of Tai Feng Foot Massage Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, located in the Jinshazhou area at the intersection of Guangzhou and Foshan. In the Jinshazhou area, there are high-end residential areas such as Zhonghai Jinshawan, Poly West Coast, Vanke Four Seasons Flower City, and Evergrande Oasis Royal Bay, as well as bustling shopping centers such as Guochang New City Shopping Plaza and Xingang International Plaza. Naturally, Tai Feng Health Club has a high standard. The interior of the store is decorated in a luxurious Thai style, which is quite magnificent. All the decoration accessories, equipment, and decorations in Tai Feng Health Club are from Thailand, even the inconspicuous small items are brought from Thailand. Next to the lobby, there is a wooden tea room for guests to rest, with a strong Thai style, creating an atmosphere of being in Thailand.

Massage parlors are places primarily focused on leisure and entertainment, so besides technician services, the interior environment is also an essential element to attract customers. Tai Feng Health Club is a foot massage parlor that particularly stands out in terms of its environment, and its level of luxury is among the best in Guangzhou.

There is also the first luxury VIP foot massage 3D cinema room in Guangzhou, equipped with a 120-inch high-definition 3D projector and a top-notch 6.1-channel sound system. While enjoying foot massage, you can also experience a private cinema on-site, which is very enjoyable. When choosing the cinema room, an additional Guangzhou Escort room fee is charged by the hour, but it is definitely worth it to experience a high-end private cinema.

Tai Feng Health Club implements a full Thai style in its services. Guests are greeted in Thai, and Thai massage therapists are also invited to provide authentic Thai massage services. Besides foot massage, services such as body massage, steam sauna, and chess are also available at Tai Feng. This store is a bit far from the city center, so it is recommended to drive there.

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