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Mingcheng Guizu is a famous foot massage shop located in the Binjiang East Road area of Haizhu District. It opened in 2013 and is a vice-chairman unit of the Guangzhou Foot Therapy Association. Since its opening, Mingcheng Guizu has focused on foot massage as its main business, and the level of service provided by its technicians has been widely praised. At the 2015 Chinese Footpath International Summit, a senior technician from Mingcheng Guizu was selected as one of the top ten foot masseurs.

Mingcheng Guizu first gives a comfortable and clean overall impression with its store environment. The foot massage booths are well-equipped, featuring integrated foot massage chairs, and the Mark foot baths can directly fill and drain water. When massaging one foot, the technician will wrap the other foot with a towel to keep it warm. Although it is a small action, it is enough to reflect the meticulousness of a foot massage shop in its service process.

Massage is known as “healing touch”, which not only relaxes the body but also plays a certain role in easing emotions and psychological stress. The massage techniques here mainly involve rubbing and kneading to control the muscles and soft tissues, thus making people feel comfortable. However, consumers have mixed reviews about the technicians at Mingcheng Guizu, mainly due to individual differences in body sensation. Moreover, Guangzhou Escort massage is not about applying greater force; if you are sensitive to pressure, it is best to communicate with the masseuse in advance to reduce the force, otherwise, the massaged area may bruise.

Mingcheng Guizu also offers cupping and fire therapy services, but unless the customer chooses, the foot massage technician will not promote these services during the process. However, it is also worth mentioning that cupping and fire therapy carry certain safety risks. Every year, there are numerous cases of burns caused by cupping, and severe cases can even lead to skin ulceration. Therefore, we do not recommend these services.

What surprises many female customers is that Mingcheng Guizu also offers nail services. Although this is an additional service, the range of nail products and the technical level of the manicurists are highly professional. Overall, Mingcheng Guizu tends towards a diverse range of life services, indeed providing much convenience to the residents of the Binjiang East Road area.

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